Map out your event and all of its special moments

with some personalised & couture maps




All of the following personalised maps can make a great addition

to your website or PRINTED STATIONERY.





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for more information concerning image copyright

and our work procedure.


Explore Maps

our Personalised Maps are ideal for popular destinations


The illustrated area + its up to 12 illustrated icons will be selected based on our research.

However, when creating a new map, suggestions are always welcome!


We will add up to 3 complimentary illustrated icons based on your event's venues,

and up to an additional 5 written icons (with pop-ups for websites)


Further Personalisation


highlight specific locations on your map


add extra written icons to your map (with pop-ups for websites)



Add specific locations on your destination's  map

with extra illustrated icons.


Zoomed Maps


Our Zoomed Maps are ideal for highlighting a specific neighborhood,


as well as for remote or private destinations.

Unlimited unlimited personalisation is offered with all maps beings priced at:


€150 base price  + €20 / illustrated icons + €5 / written icons