Add some extra personalisation to your online and printed stationery with some original artwork such as logos, portraits, maps and more.



included as part of select websites.

Calligraphy (€450)

Your names written in calligraphy, decorated with florals and/or

cultural elements.

 A meticulously designed ensemble

created using your innitials.

Logo (€650)

Couple's Portrait (€850)

A close up portrait decorated with local florals and/or cutural elements or set in the scene of your choice.

+ ANIMATION  +(€150)

Add some animation to your portrait

for your online stationery.

+ 3-DIMENSION  +(€600)

Make your artwork 3D! Artwork

is entirely hand assembled,

and comes with frame

(+/- 70cm x 40cm) not including shipping


Induvidual Portrait (€70/ portrait )

guest favour | place card  | gift

Price includes printing onto a 250gm2

A5 card, x2/illustration.

Create a timeless memory with a group portraits! Also make a great gift for your groomsmen / bridesmaids.

Price includes a single digital print onto 250gm2 paper, measuring max. 20 x 40cm,

+ €10/ extra print

Group Portrait (€70/ person )

"Proposal" (€70/ portrait )


/maid-of-honour/best-man "proposal"

price includes printing onto a 250gm2

A5 card, x2/illustration



included as part of select websites.

5 icons (€450)

Focus in on a specific location linked to

your event, highlighting up to 5 venues with illustrations.

+€75  / extra illustrated icon

(additional venue, key architectural feature, etc)

10 icons (€750)

A detailed map of your event's location,

highlighting around 12 key cultural

hotspots, and 3 of your venues.

+€75  / extra illustrated icon