POTESTA DESIGNS was established in 2012 by Emérence de Potesta, lead by her passion for celebrating cultures from across the world, as well as all of life's beautiful moments through the application of art.

Emérence is of French-speaking Belgian origin, and was born and raised in the United States. She then went on to study Architecture in London at Central Saint Martins, where she continued to refine her skills in Art & Design. Having always been an avid painter, graphic design was the natural next step, offering the perfect balance between fine art and technology.

Today Potesta Designs continues to grow, with an ever-expanding portfolio of projects from around the world, ranging from Vietnam, to Italy, the United States, Mexico, Egypt, Spain... and the adventure continues!

As of winter 2019, Potesta Designs has started offering a larger range of styles and creative directions, made possible by the expanding Potesta Designs Studio, consisting of a growing team of talented designers. At Potesta Designs, we will happily take on any new and exciting challenge, no matter how crazy and out of this world it might be! Feel free to send any request through, and we'll make the magic happen :)





I just wanted to say thank you a millionnn for the wedding website!!! Really, I genuinely feel like you got everything I meant and truly put everything together in a unique and beautiful way that embraced all the small details that meant so much to us. Genuinely couldn’t thank you enough it means the world❤️

Nourhan & Yousef

(Wedding in SAHL HASHEESH, APril 2019)



Everyone has commented on the site and simply said, GREAT, AWESOME and LOVE IT!!!!!

Linda Jean & Courtney

(Wedding in VIRGINIA, JuNE 2019)



Emérence, I cant thank you enough for all your hardwork in helping me make my wedding unique! You're so talented - so glad we got to work together!

 Lindsay & Raul

(Wedding in Aspen, July 2016)



Emérence is an amazingly talented designer. We have received so many compliments on our website! But also, important, she is patient, kind, and really listens to the wants and needs of her clients. We had quite a few requests of her, and she handled each and every one with nothing but sweetness. She is a perfectionist and wants to ensure that everything is just right - even if “right” is an idea you have trouble articulating to her. It was a pleasure to work with her-she exceeded our expectations!

Ticia & Troy

(Wedding in Florence, February 2016)



Tonight was finally the dinner where all the guests got to see their illustrations - It was a complete hit! Everyone LOVED it! It was the best ice breaker and such a cool gift for everyone! I can't begin to thank you enough for these, they were absolutely amazing - the night couldn't have started on a higher note!


(Birthday in Madrid, October 2015)



Working with Potesta Designs was an absolute joy and so easy. The website was just what we wanted and completely fitted with our theme. The team was really proactive and really went the extra mile for us.

Laura & Andy (Wedding in Puglia, May 2015)



Working with Emérence on the project for my wedding's website and stationary has been really great. As a bride, I felt very lucky to have come across the team - I had discovered Emerence's works and website browsing the Internet and social networks, and I fell in love immediately. Of course, her drawings are "different" and you need to be a kind of "brave" bride - nothing like classic and already-seen stuff, but completely original, new and, in my opinion, stunning creations!!! Emérence in particular is such a great professional to work with: not only her drawings are superb, but also as a person she is tremendously polite, she really makes you feel like "the Client", paying huge attention to what you are asking, always trying to make you happy with any request, always suggesting what is better and what probably doesn't work, but leaving the final say to her client in any case. I cannot remember a single time she said "this is not possible" to a request coming from me - and I recognise sometimes I'm not the easiest person to make happy!!! For sure one of my wedding's top vendors, her contribution was essential to make the whole event so special!!!

Maria-Giulia & Alessandro (Wedding in Sicily, July 2015)