The "gems" below represent different design features and widgets that are part of full website packages. The Gems can also be assembled induvidually. Starting price of £5300 for a Saphhire Website.


Saphire  |  Emerald Diamond


Sapphire Website





Your logo/names and event details in written calligraphy, decorated with florals, fauna, cultural elements, patterns etc.

Digital save-the-date


Your artwork (usually the same as the landing page) will be formatted to be sent by email, whatsapp and social media.


additional cost applies for animation.

Domain & Hosting


Domain and hosting for 1 year following the launch of your website.


additional cost applies for having your website online for longer.



A list of up to 10 recommended accommodation options, with listed contact details, photos, prices etc.


additional cost applies for extra listings.

TIMELINE itinerary


A single illustration, accompagnied by a timeline with simple illustrated icons.


additional cost applies for a more detailed itinerary with an illustration per event, included as part of the "Emerald website".



Help your guests organise their travels to and during your event, by detailing flights, car rentals, trains, ferries etc.



An external link to the gift registry of your choice. Can also be a note with your bank details, or a paypal button.

Social Media  Links


External links to an instagram hashtag/profile, facebook messaging page, blog etc.

Password protection


Limit access to your website with the password of your choice.



A detailed RSVP form linked to the email of your choic, with the option to have an automatic email, edit response, and much more.

Digital thank you card


Artwork from your website will be formatted to be sent by email, whatsapp and social media after your event.



Emerald Website


pricing upon request


includes ALL Sapphires  listed above plus....


as part of your Emerald website


A fully illustrated itinerary composed of up to 3 events.


additional cost applies for more than 3 events.



on its own


Opt for a fully illustrated digital itinerary on its own rather than a website. The artwork will be available online as as one-pager website, and fully adapted for email, WhatsApp and social media (like for all websites). Feel free to add some "gems" such as animation, hyperlinked dress-code page etc at an additional cost.


Add GIF animation + £950



An illustrated list of useful local services for your guests, local tips, restaurants, places to visit, etc.



A collage of up to 10 photos.


Additional cost applies for extra batches of x5 photos.

Additional edits


An additional 6 batches of one hour edits following the launch of your website


In addition to the 2 batches included in the Saphire website.



A moodboard of images serving as inspiration for your event(s) dresscode.



A digital PDF version of your website for your guests to easily download and print with the click of a button


limited to 72 DPI - NOT HD print friendly.



A list of up to 15 wedding party members, with a short description, photo, role etc.


additional cost applies if you wish to have more than 15 members.

Diamond Website


pricing upon request


includes ALL Sapphires & EMERALD listed above plus....



 A meticulously designed logo created using your innitials.

Can be used as part of your landing page, save-the-date, printed stationery and more.



An illustrated list of useful local services for your guests, or a list of local tips, restaurants, places to vist etc.



Up to 5 basic GIF animations present throughout your website.


Additional cost applies for any additional animation, or for highly complex GIF animation.

Additional Version


Have your website available in an additional language, or if you wish to have a second version with separate login.


Additional cost applies for a 3rd language (or more).



A detailed illustration of "your story"  (how you met, your journey, fun moments etc), composed of maximum 6 segments.



A printed copy of your website, assembled in a beautiful hard-copy book for you to keep forever. Shipping around the world included.



Have your text professionally written, adding style and a storyline to your website.